About Us


Sphynxcatty Kitten Home tries to nurture happy, healthy, sociable, and well-socialized kittens. Our kittens are noted for having the best temperaments, being extremely affectionate and gentle, and having been nurtured in a nurturing and caring household environment.

Our Goals

The funds that come from the sale of our precious kittens help offset the costs of caring for them and ensure they are both happy and healthy. In the end, through all the hard work and dedication, we are content in knowing how much love our adoring Sphynx, Cats, Cat Kittens will share with you. All kittens that leave our home will be vaccinated, fully dewormed, and litter trained.  Please contact us if you would like to purchase a Sphynx kitten from Purfect Sphynx Kitten Home. 

• Our Cats and Kittens are Scanned for HCM Annually
• We Offer a Three-Year Congenital Defect Guarantee
• We Offer Life-Long Support for our Sphynx Family
• We Send a Kitten Care Package Home with all Kittens
(Including an Extra Sweater)